Saturday, 18 February 2012

Celebrities with Stage fright.

Several celebrities have stage fright and resorted to different solution to counter the problem.  Some examples are:

Barbara Streisand

According to an article by Shyness and social anxiety treatment Australia (n.d.), 
American Singer/actress/director Barbara Streisand's social phobia prevented her from singing in public for twenty seven years. During a concert in Central Park, New York in 1967, she forgot lyrics to her song.  From then on, she avoided public appearances. 
Streisand learnt to cope with her stage fright and gave a comeback tour in 1994. She gradually overcame this problem by starting with a smaller warm up shows.

King George VI suffered from stage fright and stammered. Being a king, he couldnt really avoid public engagemnets and turned to hypnotherapy for help.

Eva Green

© PA Images / Gorassini Giancarlo

Eva Green  has also suffered from severe stage fright. 
"In an interview with Weekend Magazine, the actress recalled having a breakdown on stage while appearing in a Paris theater production, an incident which made her feel like she wanted "to die"" (Hearst Magazine UK, 2011, Para.2). 
"I had suddenly developed stage fright and lost all my self-confidence on stage. In my last show, in Paris, my mind kept going blank on stage. I just wanted to die each time"  former Bond Girl admitted.(Hearst Magazine UK, 2011, Para.3). 

There is no doubt that performing on a stage is a pressurizing task.  Take solace in knowing that you are not the only one battling stage fear.  Celebrities and famous political figures have also gone through this and mange to cope with it.  If they can do it, so can you!


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